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Price 1 - Up to 10,000 people in your lists combined
Price 2 - Over 10,000 people in your lists combined
Special rate for list numbers in excess of 27,000

Payment must be made in advance. Set-up fee paid before commencement and the monthly fees paid quarterly in advance. Non payment or late payments will result in suspension of your account immediately. Payment is still required for any periods of suspension.

In using the PIE system, you understand as acceptable and reasonable use policy. Redback Studios reserves the right to suspend/close any accounts that it feels are abusing or misusing the system under 'reasonable use'.

Redback Studios can deem over-use of an account and restrict the amount of emails that can be sent per hour.

The system can not be used for illegal, pornographic or spam purposes. If so, you forfeit any monies paid and your account will be permanently closed.

All prices quoted are exclusive of gst.

Standard rate is applied for any variations or additional work is at $110 per hour.

Support is limited to the use or issues with the PIE system itself, not your own computer issues, email issues, etc.

Purchase includes up to 5 integrated PIE forms into your website, to add to or replace existing forms. This is limited to standard/basic forms, with no more than 10 different enter fields. i.e.: name, address, email, web address, postcode, comments, and similar. Forms reuiring drop downs, check boxes and otehr more advanced features will need to be done under a variation costing at our hourly rate.




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